Who Andy Nimmons is

"Love of the outdoor. I have always loved the outdoors even from an early age and have been fascinated by animals.
I graduated from the University of Georgia in 1992 with an economics degree and started working straight out of school but it didn’t take me long to realize that I wanted to do something else. I started studying the various aspects of taxidermy and was fortunate to be able to work with an established taxidermist for a year and built my first taxidermy workshop. Now, sixteen years later, I find myself enjoying it more, looking forward every day to the new elements I am able to put into creating outstanding mounts. Upon completing the new taxidermy studio I find I am enjoying working in the new facility. The art of creating my projects is much more rewarding with the addition of new space."

Andy Nimmons


What he offers

Andy Specializes in Custom wildlife art.

Our showroom proves that we are among the top Wildlife taxidermists in the nation and can handle everything from the Whitetail Deer, to the great big animals of Africa like the Hippo and Elephant.

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Andy Nimmons Taxidermy is a USDA approved import facility. This allows your trophies to be shipped directly to Andy from anywhere in the world.