Welcome to Andy Nimmons Taxidermy !

Andy takes great pride in his work here at the Taxidermy Shop. He always does his best to make each and every customer happy and does it with the most positive attitude a person can carry. He looks forward to helping you preserve your "Trophy of a Lifetime" and can't wait to meet you. Give Andy a call today and setup an appointment to come by and check out his trophy room and examples in person.

North American Game

There are many North American Game animals that can be hunted in the United States. When you get that trophy of a life time in the United States or Canada, give Andy Nimmons a call. He will preserve it for you forever.

The Wild Boar Hog is one of the great Animals of North America. They can be harvested from the US/Canadian border to the southernmost tips of Florida. When you get yours give Andy a call.

There are many species of fish to catch. Why not preserve that record book catch for a life time with Andy Nimmons Taxidermy? Give us a call today.

African Game

Ever hunted Africa? Andy is well versed in hunting Africa and all of the game animals this great country has to offer. If you are considering and African Safari, give Andy a call.

Africa offers many species of animals to hunt. Whether it be dangerous game or regular game animals, Andy knows all about them.

The African Kudu is one of the most challenging game animals there are to hunt. When you get back from your safari give Andy a call and will bring your trophy back to life. You can even have your trophies shipped directly to him since he is a USDA approved receiving facility.